1 hour session - $80

45 min session - $65

30 min session -$45

Lisa Spring

Fitness coach

Lisa is a certified personal trainer and pre/postnatal coach. Her passion is to help people to live healthier lifestyle and make sure to help them to reach their goals.

The main goal is not only to lose weight or tone the body but to understand how to improve the health and how to make it a habit to workout and eat healthy regularly.


Maria Koche

Stretching coach

Maria was an avid rhythmic gymnast growing up and has been actively pursuing dance for over 18 years. 

 Maria graduated Alixa Sutton’s stretching program and became an IFPA certified stretching coach.

With passion and purpose, Maria likes to guide her clients to discover the best version of themselves though flexibility techniques suited best for individual bodies.


Ashley Sylvester

Aerial tricks

Ashley is a certified Aerial fitness instructor with circus experience which makes her classes even more fun and challenging.

She is passionate about teaching and seeing great results in her students. 



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